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Many of us, in fact a lot of us just love to explore new cultures, different environments and the beauty of nature. Undoubtedly, travelling is a great way of analysing our surroundings, but very few of us are aware about the negative impact it can put on Mother Earth. From carbon dioxide emissions to disposing away trash, there are many of such things during travelling that harm the nature directly or indirectly. However, it doesn’t at all mean that you should give up on travelling. On the other hand, you can reduce these negative effects by opting green travelling.

Sleeping in small tree-houses in jungles, eco adventures like canoes downhill or river rafting etc. is just a small part of the green travelling concept. At the crux, it is all about the ways to protect and safeguard the nature and culture of the place you are exploring. Today I, Kelly Speca will tell you a few tips that can help you with travelling green.

Start green from home:

Follow the tips below for starting with an environment friendly travel:

  • Make sure to pack only a few things while travelling as lower the weight on the train, flight or any other transportation mode, lower will be the consumption of fuel. This will lead to a lower CO2 emission in air and hence reducing pollution.
  • Turn off the lights, water heaters, unplug all electrical appliances and minimize the thermostat before leaving home. Not only will you reduce your energy bills, but will also help in minimizing reducing your carbon footprint.
  • To cut down the wastage during travel, make use of reusable shopping bags and water bottles.

Greener mode of travelling:       

Whether travelling via a bus or a train, or a plane, any travelling medium you choose will emit CO2 gas. However, each of them gives out a different amount of greenhouse gas, like buses and trains produce nearly half or the CO2 when compared to planes. Therefore, choosing your travelling means wisely can save the environment from pollution. Follow the tips below to make your mode of travelling green

  • Travel by a bus or train if the journey is shorlt. For a long trip opt for a nonstop coach flight instead of travelling in your car. All this will help to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Take walking tours, wherever possible and explore the surroundings of the place instead of travelling via taxi or bus. It is wise to choose a shared taxi if travelling to far off places in place of renting a car.

Greener stay:

Opt for a greener way of staying in the place you are visiting.

  • Tree-houses or rental log homes are comfortable cheap and eco-friendly option for completing your green trip. However, if none of them are available in a place, you can always look out for a green hotel in the place. You can check for one online.
  • Minimize the energy usage by turning off the electric equipment like TV, heater etc. when not in use.
  • Make use of the re-usable bags while shopping and yes don’t shop for products made with skin or teeth of animals and feathers of birds.

With these few green travelling tips, I Kelly Speca, would be signing off with a hope that you will adopt them for your next trip. If you have some more of them in mind, feel free to share in the comments below.

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Practical Travel Tips and Adviceimages By KELLY SPECA

 1. Pack less:

When We think about the clothing less is the best always.Traveling with less luggage should always be your priority.You really do not need six pairs of heels while traveling, you do not need to carry an iron.If You travel with less luggage it will be cheaper (no check-in luggage fees while traveling), by less luggage you can move faster and easily.

 2. Bring an Internet ready device:If You are traveling a long journey, take your electronic devices that can pick up wifi or any wired connection easily, You can carry your smart phone or tablet with you, it can help you to find your way weather it is right or wrong.

3. Roll your clothes when packing: while packing roll your clothes it occupies less space and easy to find.

4.  Don’t carry cash: These days there is no country which do not have ATM, so you really no need to carry large amount of cash with you while traveling.
5.  You should Scan your important documents(Passport, license or an other ID) before leaving from home.
6.  The best way to cover your the bottoms of shoes is pack them in a shower cap.
7.  You can use Google maps even staying of line mode just type “Ok Maps” by this trick visible area will save for your future use.
8.  Carry face wipes with you, by using this you can feel fresh even without shower.
9.  Local Grocery stores are the traveler best source.You can find Cheap food packets, local flavors easily.
10. It’s very good idea to carry a hand sanitizer with you while traveling you can feel clean even when there is less water.
11. Mostly Use public transport for travel from one place to another. because It’s fast and easy, Public transport is cheaper and surely it  will give a better travel experience to that place.

kelly speca is an great author who provide you information about the travel, beauty, sports, general awareness etc. For more information regarding any of this topic fell free to visit

Kelly Speca Provides Information about Canada and Europe During her Trip.She shares her great experience with us: Which will help us to know more about them.

Views Of KellySpeca About Canada Trip:

Canada is the world’s second-largest country by total area and the fourth-largest country by land area. Canada has common border with the USA. Canada is the one of the wealthiest in the world.The expanse of Canada’s natural beauty, from mountains and glaciers to secluded lakes and forests, is almost unparalleled worldwide. Canada repeatedly is lauded as one of the world’s most livable countries. If you love river rafting or live theater, Canada won’t disappoint. Its very beautiful place in the world,full of natural beauties. Canada is an affordable vacation choice.


Because Canada is so large, the climate varies,a wide range of activities year round like

*The largest fireworks competition in the world is held over several nights every summer in Vancouver.

*Canadian Tulip Festival

*Quebec Winter Carnival

*Edmonton Folk Music Festival

Canada’s natural environment is one of the most beautiful in the world. From pristine coastlines to rugged mountains and Canada’s geography & sparkling lakes inspires awe coast to coast.

Views Of Kelly Speca About EUROPE Trip:

If  You Planning for a trip to Europe then it can be very expensive.Europe is only two per cent larger in area than Canadacan travel.

The climate of Europe varies. The Mediterranean climate of the south is dry and warm. Europe has a large variety of minerals; coal, iron ore, and salt are abundant. The transportation system in Europe is highly developed; interconnecting rivers and canals provide excellent inland water transportation in central and W Europe. On your trip to Europe you will find so many attractions around u like Eiffel Tower that is either free to the public or low can do a lot of sight-seeing on a limited budget.

kelly speca is an great author who provide you information about the travel, beauty, sports, general awareness etc. For more information regarding any of this topic fell free to visit

America is one of the vast and most varied continent, with such spectacular landscapes and varied climatic conditions its culture and people make the place a must visit destination all round the year. Kelly Speca has been moving around the world since times but the most amazing place and time she has ever spent is at America. The amazing and vibrant music with the essence of its colorful communities completely fires up ones imagination and make the place like no other place on the earth. I have traveled varied places and spent decades managing my holidays and discussing in detail about the places I plan to visit with my friends or alone and what inspires me a lot is the of picturesque views and the scarcely populated places that motivate me to travel them again!!

kelly speca the beautiful america
One among such place is The United States of America, being the richest and thickly populated it is one of the most powerful countries in the whole world. The best part that makes it people favorite is the amazing beauty and the tranquil climate that describe its vast culture and people. Before travelling I always try gathering necessary information regarding the place like the places to visit nearby, most favorable weather conditions, however America is one such country that one need not think upon and can visit at any time of the year and have the benefit of enjoying every perk and seasonal benefits.

The best part that I came across America is its vast and diverse land, rich forests, vegetation , the mountains, adding to this its prairie region and many such places nearby. For tourists there are ample number of spots to hop upon and enjoy with your friends and family. You can have the benefit of enjoying Washington D.C., which is also the capital of the United States and a beautiful place to spot upon. Make sure you do not miss to view the mesmerizing White House, of President. With this I was highly fascinated with the
city museums, as they depict the culture, the ancient art, lifestyle and architecture and with this America’s rich legacy. I really had a great time visiting America and hope that you do not miss out the pleasure of touring this amazing place once in your life.

white house kelly speca americakelly speca is an great author who provide you information about the travel, beauty, sports, general awareness etc. For more information regarding any of this topic fell free to visit


Mexico City, Mexico

Here’s location that get a huge rainfall during June, its altitude keeps temperatures in Mexico City much lower than people would think about for this particular time of year. Kelly speca Says about low cost destinations This is a great place for all those people who cannot afford a trip to Europe. This as an interesting alternative for those people. Cheap flights from the US and Canada, the city center area is beautiful in many places, as well as prices are very low as compared to anywhere else.


Sofia, Bulgaria

Travelers looking for places to relax for a while and keep their expenses low on a European trip can’t do much better than Sofia, Bulgaria in June or Summer. The weather is pleasant throught the day as well as in th night, and rain isn’t a problem at all. As a tourist destination this city is still has some good work to do and to convince most people, and it low prices are a good start for people to start noticing.


Nha Trang, Vietnam

Nha Trang, Vietnam is a beach town on Vietnam’s southern coast that avoids approximately all the wet during summer, so it’s exclusively engaging for Australians and for who are escaping their own winter down. According to Kelly speca This is the Vietnam’s best cultural experience, but the beaches surrounding Vietnam are very nice and the nightlife in the Vietnam is surprisingly good, and it’s extremely low calculation you get there.


A European vacation can be very expense. However, there are many ways to cut the cost of travelling through Europe. If you are budget conscious and like to see Europe, then follow these tips for how to afford a trip to Europe.

Save your money. Kelly Speca says the longer you plan on staying in Europe, than you have to save more money. Follow these money-saving techniques:
Cut back money on unnecessary spending and Decide what is important to you and what you are willing to sacrifice for your European vacation.
Consider taking a second job or find some side work to make extra cash that can be put toward your vacation savings plan.
Use coupons and shop sales, purchase necessary items on discount.
Save some money each month for your vacation. Work out with a budget and figure out what you can realistically apply toward your travel fund.
Plan well in advance. Kelly Speca says you can save the most money on travel and reconciliation costs by planning your trip to Europe far in the advance. The good rule of thumb is at least 11 months.
Apply rewards programs and club discounts to your vacation in Europe. Rewards programs include frequent flyer miles and credit card points systems, and they can be used toward air travel, auto rentals, accommodations, tours and vacation upgrades. Discounts through club memberships like AAA and AARP can also save you money on your trip to Europe.
Create an itinerary : Kelly Speca says Research into planning your trip to Europe and than you will find that many notable European attractions, like the Eiffel Tower, are either free to the public or relatively low-priced. If you plot out the course of your European vacation carefully, you can do a lot of sight-seeing on a limited budget.
Well, you must be having a dream to carry your baby to the best of the amusement parks and provide him or her with the joy of having various rides. Now that your kid is grown up, what could be better than spending the day running from one ride to another and experience the terror of riding the most dangerous rides? Amusement parks are witness to millions of kids who beg to sit in the ride again and devour all the fast food. These parks have rides and attractions for both kids and young populaces alike. Since the rides and food inside the parks can be expensive, you can have NY Amusement park packages, as it will help in alleviating you from having a tight budget.New York has some of the big amusement park that provides one of the best family vacation spot. Kelly Speca says these parks have big rides and all the major cartoons. The experience in the amusement park is the one that provide some of the most enduring experience. Each amusement park provides you with unique vibe, ambience, and rides that will definitely keep soaring your adrenaline rush. Before you start searching for the best packages, you must know how much you want to spend your money and time in the amusement park. You can save a lot, if you plan your trip to the amusement park beforehand under an advisory of a person who knows everything about these places.

Kelly Speca says remember you want to have some fond memories of the places, so if you want to have the most out from these places, you need to have the NY Amusement park packages. You can visit various sites to grab the best deals and their validity period about the entry fees and open dates and times. Since these amusement parks are located remotely from the city, you need to make sure you have perfect mode conveyance to reach out to the place on time and exit on time. You can seek the real, fun, pleasure and excitement of traveling New York is in the charter bus.When you hire a charter bus they are generally, signed under the deal to visit the various attractions of the city either in one day or in multi day trip. Theme park packages are made for people of every age group and it keeps every member of the family, busy and occupied and gives no room for the boredom. You can find the packages in some of the famous parks like Hershey Park, Sesame Street Place Park, Dorney Park, Busch Garden and Kings Dominion Virginia and many more. Apart from having adventurous rides, you can also savor some great foods.

The charter bus company arranges ground travel and admission to amusement parks through New York, New Jersey and Virginia. Kelly Speca says if you cannot withstand the pain of traveling the best amusement park in public transportation, the executive charter bus company can provide you with comfort and luxury. Relax and watch TV while you are on the way to celebrate the occasion.