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Do you want to get rid of that flabby fat around your waist? Well, excessive exercising, weight training and dieting are the ways recommended by your well-wishers. But, exercising or I must say, excessive exercising will leave you tired for the entire day, plus eating a bland meal every-day will make you quite unhappy. However, in the virtue of shedding weight, you will certainly follow the routine exercises and a boring diet plan. Well, I Kelly Speca, would like to tell you that you would not have to give up your entire routine eating (except for fatty and high-caloric food)and you would not have to follow a hard chore exercising routine to lose those extra pounds. In order to get a flat tummy simply hit the floor. In this article I shall be discussing a few dance forms with you that are opted by millions to get into shape.
• Tango: If you really want a quick and effective weight loss, then I would recommend you too join a Tango class. This dance style is fun and energetic and teaches you an awesome way to control your muscles. Slow and fast body movements involve the activity of every body part, hence exercising the entire body. Every quick and slow motion performed while doing the tango gives a brilliant workout of your waist line, thighs and legs making them toned and strong.
• Belly dancing:If you are looking forward to get a flat and flexible tummy, then belly dancing is something you must give a try. The dance movements included in this form of dance style are very simple. Although the focus is on the movement of your belly, but it also involves gentle motion of arms and hands. You’ll surely get a waistline of your dreams within just a few days of regularly practising belly dancing.Hit the floor to lose weight
• Salsa: This Latin American dance style is one of the most popular weight loss programs and is opted by many who want to lose weight quickly and efficiently. Combia, bomba and merengue are the native Latin dance styles that inspired to form a new dance style-salsa. The basic steps of this dance form are easy to pick and gives a great workout to your entire body. It involves several slow and fast turns that exercises the muscles of your arms and abs and legs, hence giving you a slim and toned waistline.
• Jive: Taking inspiration from the swing dance form, jive is an American ballroom style of dancing that includes fast and energetic body movements. It can be called a lively and quick version of swing and because of this it is adopted as a dance form for an effective loss of weight. You need to lift your knees while performing this form of dancing. Swivelling your mid-section while swinging your arms gives your entire body an effective weight loss.

Unlike routine cardio and other exercises, dancing would not leave you exhausted and tired, but you’ll come out of with a smile and in a relaxed mood even after a vigorous dance session of salsa. So, I Kelly Speca would recommend you to join a dance class of your choice and lose those extra pounds in a fun way.

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People all over the world are becoming more and more health conscious today. As a matter of fact, they should be, if they want to live a happier and healthier life. This has given an exponential rise to the health and fitness industry as people find it better to work out in gyms using the gym equipments. Not only these gyms and physical training centers offer general and special workout sessions, but most of them also insist people do yoga along with that. This is because of the various benefits that yoga has on the physical as well as mental health of an individual. I, Kelly Speca, shall be discussing a few advantages of yoga in this article due to which it should be an essential part of your daily exercising regimen.

• Yoga makes you more flexible: since yogsanas improve the flexibility of your entire body, it should be practiced by both young and old. Young individuals,like me often practice strength training exercises, due to which the muscles become tight and have good chances of injury. Older people, on the other hand,lose flexibility with age because of which it becomes difficult for them to perform routine activities involve bending and stretching. If yogasanas like standing forward bend or Uttasana, triangle pose or UttithaTrikonasana, and the warrior pose or Virbhadrasana are regularly practicedyou will achieve a flexible spine, joints and

• Yoga makes your heart healthy: many people suffer with various problems today. The most common among them occurs due to deteriorating heart health. Healthy food and cardio exercises at gym are undoubtedly beneficial, but including yoga can also make your heart healthier and strong as well as immune to diseases like heart attacks, stroke, and other cardiac problems. Including the three essential deep breathing or Pranayama i.elong breathing or Bhasrika, active exhalation or VatkramaKapalbhatiand alternate breathing orAnulomVilomcan work wonders for your heart. Also practicing some yogasanas like big toe pose or Padangushthasanandheadto knee forward bend or JanuSirsasananot only gives you a helthy heart, but also help you get rid of hypertention and high blood pressure that can also cause heart issues.

• Yoga helps you to detoxify your body and freshen up your mind: toxic compounds present in the environment or the unhealthy food habits or some other elements are one of the main causes of various health problems. Although changing your food habits and regular gyming can help you get rid of the problems, but practicing various yogasanas regularly completely eliminate toxins and harmful chemical compounds. Several yogasanas like ParivrttaTrikonasanaor revolved triangle pose, ArdhaMatsyendrasanaor half twist pose andBakasana or crane pose help in detoxifying the body as well as give strength to the muscles and bones. Breathing exercises or Pranayamhelps in detoxification as well as in relievingunderimmense stress from your body and mind making you fresh and active. Well I, Kelly Speca, would suggest you to join yoga classes from today. I just did theSavasanaor the corpse pose for only 10 minutes after a half an hour of cardio and am really feeling energized and lively in place of exhausted and tired.

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It makes our eyes water, burns our tongue, makes us sweat, but we still love to have it, as it makes any bland dish hot and spicy. Yes I, Kelly Speca, am talking about chilli peppers. These are used as one of the most important ingredients in your domestic recipe and also while preparing delicious cuisines in restaurants, hotels etc. Although chilli peppers have been a part of the diet for ages, but it is now that a variety of health benefits of these red and gree hot chilli pods are being explored by the modern diet experts. Read on further to take a look at the various positive impacts of chilli peppers on your health.

  • Boosts your immune system: Vitamin A and vitamin C are the two most important vitamins that are required by the immune system of your body to function smoothly and efficiently. Chilli peppers are loaded with the two of these. Vitamin A content of the pods keeps the mucous membrane lining the nasal passages and intestinal tract healthier whereas the vitamin C behaves as an antioxidant fighting free radical and infectious germs that causes chest congestion and common cold, hence making the body immune.
  • Control diabetes: according to research and studies, consuming chillis in your regular diet, the insulin level required to break down the food is lowered. Thus a lower amount of insulin is required to lower down the blood sugar levels and hence chilli can be used as a natural remedy to control diabetes.
  • Maintains a healthy heart: being rich capsaincinoids, chilli peppers especially the red ones lowers the bad cholesterol level in the body. The cholesterol is easily broken down and flushed out of the body. These also help in reducing trygleceride levels as well as platelet aggregation. Further, consuming green chillies blocks the action of a gene (cyclooxygenase-2) that hinders the blood flow in the arteries, hence preventing strokes. Consuming chillies also help in the process of dissolving fibrin, which if fails can lead to the formation of clots. Thus overall we can say that chillies help in maintaining a healthy heart.
  • Helps prevent cancer: the antioxidant, capsaicin of chilli peppers destroys the cancerous cells that give rise to protrate and bowel cancers. This is the reason why people suffering with these types of cancers are often recommended to eat a certain amount of green or red chilli pods in their daily diet.
  • Helps relieve pain: chilli peppers are known to be natural pain killers due to their anti inflammatory properties. Therefore, the people suffering with different types of arthritis. They restrict the action of neuropeptide (responsible for pain and inflammation) and also help to generate endorphins (the feel good chemicals) lping in relieving the pain.
  • Reduces weight: chillis are lower in calories and their capsaicin content helps in increasing the metabolic rate and digestion rate. The fast metabolism helps in melting of the fat much quickly and thus results in a healthier weight loss.

Well these were just a few of the health benefits of eating the hot chilli pods in your daily diet compiled by me Kelly Speca. If you know some more, then please share them in the comments below.

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Every other day we face with one or the other timid issues like skin infections, sore throat etc., which if not treated on time, can turn into drastic problems. Therefore it is always better to treat such ailments as soon as possible. Well, you do not have to actually run to a chemist to get some medicated ointments or pills to cure these small problems. Today, I Kelly Speca, would be revealing about a natural oil that has been used since ages to cure many health problems.

Extracted from the tall shrub of tea tree (Melaleucaalternifolia), the pale coloured, pungent smelling tea tree oil has worked as a natural cure for many health problems. This is because of the antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial,expectorant, fungicide and a variety of other properties of this natural oil. Let us know how to cure some of the common issues using tea tree oil.

  • Skin Infections:many skin problems like acne, ring worm, toenail fungus and different others caused by microbes like virus, bacteria and fungus can be easily treated by making use of tea tree oil.
  • Acne: Tea tree oil, because of its antibacterial property can be topically used to treat acne. Just dab a cotton ball in the oil and apply it on the on the skin that is infected with acne (this can be your face, chest or forehead), before sleeping at night. In the morning when you wake up, wash your skin thoroughly. The acne will surely reduce and if you keep on doing this, your skin will not only be free of acne, but will also become radiant and glowing.
  • Ringworm: fungal infections like ringworm, athlete’s foot, toenail fungus etc. can be treated using tea tree oil. Directly apply tea tree oil on the infected skin area using cotton atleast two times a day. The infection will be healed within a few time.
  • Oral Problems: oral problems like bad breath, inflamed gums, gingivitis, plaque etc. can also be cured using tea tree oil. You can use it as a mouth wash by mixing around 2-3 drops a small cup of warm water. This antibacterial mouth wash will kills the germs of the mouth that cause plaque, cavities and bad breathe. Just make sure you do not swallow it. You can also add a few drops of this oil onto the toothpaste on your brush while brushing to heal other dental problems.
  • Sore Throat problems: add a few drops of tea tree oil while taking steam inhalation therapy. This will help in clearing away the chest from mucus, chest infections and sore throat. Canker sores and laryngitis can also be treated by gargling with a solution of warm water and 2-3 drops of tea tree oil to it.
  • Dandruff and Lice:because of the antifungal and antibacterial properties of tea tree oil, it is best used in shampoos nowadays to get rid of lice and dandruff. But if your regular shampoo does not include this oil, you can add some quantity of tea tree oil to your entire shampoo bottle.This shampoo will not only treat dandruff and lice, but also promote hair growth.

These were just a few ailments for which tea tree oil can be effectively used as a natural remedy. It will not only cure them, but also prevent them from coming back.

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Mud is one of the five important natural elements of earth that is required to preserve life. Because of the various essential minerals it contains, it has been found to show many positive effects on human health. Not only does it prevent different diseases, but also help in healing many of them. Being a natural way of healing, mud bath is preferred by people from almost every corner of the world. Today, I Kelly Speca will be discussing a few of the host of health benefits of mud bath.

mud bath

  • Detoxifies skin: as we are aware that detoxification is the best method to achieve optimum health and the best way to detoxify our body is through the skin. The toxic substances present in the environment that constantly attack the bodyget accumulated on the epidermis of the skin and if not removed they can lead to various skin problems, recurring colds, low energy levels, allergies and other illness. Although, sweating out toxins from the skin pores is one of the best ways to detoxify naturally, but taking mud bath will not only flush out the toxins and impurities out of the body. It will also leave your skin energized, exfoliated and nourished.
  • Promotes skin health: submerging yourself in mud is fun and also great for your skin. It has been found that mud plays a vital role in improving the skin’s complexion. It consists of a variety of minerals, including sulphur, calcium, sodium and silicon, all of which are important for healthy skin. Because of the antibacterial and detoxification properties of mud, there are least chances of getting pimples and acne. The spots and freckles on the skin also reduces whereas the blood circulation is improved with mud bath, which in turns help the skin tissue to revitalize and helps you appear young.
  • Relaxes your mind: besides relaxing your muscles,splashing around in a tub of mud will surely make you smile, relaxing your mind and freeing you of all stress and anxieties. Evidence shows that mud bath have a positive effect on brain chemistry. The cortisol levels and endorphins (relaxing hormones) are also released during a mud bath. There is a balance of hormonal level and neurochemicals, which gives a feeling of well-being and relaxation of both body and mind.
  • Relieves aches and pains: mud bath is not only advantageous for the skin’s surface, but also works on deeper levels benefitting the muscles. It reduces inflammation and alleviate the pains in joints caused due to arthritis and rheumatism. It is therefore that most elderly suffering with rheumatoid and osteoarthritis are seen in spas offering mud baths, to get a relief from their tired and aching joints and muscles. Besides the warmth and heat provided by mud, there are several other undiscovered reasons that help in soothing the paining joints. We can call it to be the miracle of mud, till the actual reasons behind is found.

 These were just a few of the multitude of advantages because of which mud bath is gaining immense popularity and is recognized worldwide as one of the natural ways to achieve a state of bliss.

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Metabolism-Boosting Meals:  Weight loss is very hard once it is gained But the goods news is that now yoMetabolism-boosting-foodsu can beat your metabolic slowdown. By following few tips provided by Kelly Speca. In few days you’ll start burning calories faster.

* Add Protein in your diet: Protein is very important in your diet if faster metabolism required.because our body burns calories twice,
you can get good amount of protein from healthy foods and  healthy vitamin B, fruits essential amino acids.

*  Whole grains,lean proteins,fruits and some vegetables helps to burn more calories during digestion, some ingredients in your food will keep your calories burning furnace running after your lunch or dinner so add peppers,vinegar,spices and garlic into your food for best results.
Forget about the gym.From Tomorrow morning, take this delicious and tasty smoothie packed with those ingredients that fight against your belly fat.

* Skip the Added Sugars: Use less Sugar or you can also use honey instead of sugar.

* Some Healthy And Easy Recipes:

Take a sip and advantage of the sweet and the juicy fruit with a low-calorie (very healthy for skin also) dessert that tastes like strawberry cheesecakes.This yummy smoothie made with ingredients you probably already have in your home or kitchen, you’ll be amazed  to know that This is only under 150 calories per serving.

*Strawberry Banana Creams:


10 strawberries
2-3 oz. vanilla Greek yogurt
1 banana
1 tablespoon sliced almonds


Mash the banana in a bowl, Mix in yogurt.
By Using a knife, carve out the mid of each strawberry.
Fill banana-yogurt mixture in the center of the each strawberry and decorate with the sliced almonds.

* Pineapple Kale Blueberry Smoothie:

This recipe is full of protein and calcium, these both provide a great aid in weight loss. this smoothie also contain blueberries which is very rich ingredients which help diminish belly fat.You can also use pineapple fruit which is full of enzyme which help ease digestion.

3 ounces vanilla nonfat Greek yogurt
1 tablespoon almond butter
1/2 cup frozen blueberries
1/2 cup frozen pineapple


Mix all the ingredients in a mixer, and mix until they get mix and smooth.
Enjoy immediately.

Here is your healthy juicy fruit is ready:

Some important things which is cause of slow down your metabolism:

* Some people who sleep less, it means they will burn fewer calories as compare to other who slept well because they move less the next day,. Sleep actually reduces the big amount of energy from your body uses at rest.

* If your iron level get low den it will surely effect your metabolism.

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Dead Skin:
Dead skin is always neither comfortable nor attractive,We cannot avoid wrinkles and Dark circles altogether it is a natural part of the aging process,if you have the normal or very sensitive skin, You will still have to exfoliate your skin using a mild scrub or a skin friendly scrub.tight
Apart from   moisturising and cleansing our skin,Everybody need to use the scrub to remove dead skin cells. Even   Exfoliation helps clear out the layer of dead skin cells from your face or other parts of the body and helps you in better blood circulation as well giving younger and attractive looking skin. It is a good and useful practice to scrub your skin and get rid of the dead skin – not just from your face but elbows, knees etc too – at least once in a week you have to repeat this process which will surely remove the dead skin.

* Stand in front of the mirror and View yourself in  mirror. Try to Find which areas of your face or skin  have blackheads and dull. Since many people have combination skin, you may need to concentrate on certain areas of your face more than others.

Hot showers, sun damage,dry climates and heavy soaps can all lead to dead skin cell build up fastly. Try find out if these are the reasons of dry skin for you. You can use sunscreen or switch soaps to try to minimize your dry skin if possible use mild soaps, take shorter warm showers.
Certain medical conditions can make your skin dry and clogged pores. For example diabetes and thyroid problems,Eczema, psoriasis,  can cause dry, itchy skin conditions.Consult with your dermatologist if you suffer from 1 of these problems or have sensitive skin before trying to treat the condition at home.
There are some important and effective ways to get rid of dead skin:

* Make your sugar scrub: When we combined sugar with a liquid, it works as an exfoliant on your skin or body. this natural mixture will slough off dead skin, give the fresh and smooth skin underneath. Sugar scrubs are always safe for use on your skin, its always very safe.

* Use fresh fruits : When you making a home made exfoliating facial mask is very effective. For example you can use banana,  kiwi pineapple,papaya or peach.fruits-face-pack
* Use Clay: You can also use clay for your skin, it can be used for so many skin problems, which is an excellent exfoliating agent and a mixture with distilled water and glycerin can give you very effective results.

*Coffee Seeds:  You can use coffee seeds when mixed seeds withcoffee_bean olive oil, it become a very good exfoliating scrub that can be made at your home and can be applied once in a week.
* Baking soda: You can also use Baking soda, you can mixed it with water, this mixture also works as an wonderful exfoliating agent which can be applied  to the skin or some areas directly which is needed.

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