2015 the year of the budget travelers.

Posted: January 29, 2015 in Uncategorized

The age of 20-30 is the best time for travel. You are young, healthy and fit and you feel like going anywhere. But, the only constraint that is stopping you is budget and money. The advent of multiple travel blog and budget travel deal offering websites, travel blogs offering accurate information and maps and prices, with live feeds and comments and pictures from fellow budget, travelers, will keep you informed and you no longer have to postpone your long dreamed travel plan.

The technology will only continue to advance and connect people, and make travel cheaper as you become more informed. “And the more informed you are, the easier it will be for you to know how to save money,” says Kelly Speca an avid traveler and travel blog writer. Below she has mentioned the reason why 2015 is going to be the year of budget travelers-

The growth of websites and travel blogs


Blogs for offbeat travel destinations, like Uncornered Market, Roads and Kingdoms, and Wandering Earl, feature destination guides and stories for visits to more remote places in the world. You can now find little, local restaurant, or off-the-beaten-path tourist destination in a click of a mouse on Google search.

Instead of being limited to magazines and guidebooks as the information gatekeepers, travelers today have accesses through their Smartphone’s and tablets to fellow travelers posting content, pictures and their views for every destination in the world.

Some of the favorite websites for sharing economy deals are:

Couchsurfing (accommodation)

Airbnb (accommodation)

Vayable (tours)

BlaBlaCar (ridesharing)

EatWith (meals)

Everything is online!

Better flight search options

It is now easier to find cheap flights and hidden deals, which were almost impossible to find earlier, thanks to multinational flight search engines.

The best and robust search engines include a mixture of both smaller regional carriers and budget airlines. Some search sites also provide information on mistake fares and flight sales, which alerts you to a deal.

Some of the best flight deal site are-

The Flight Deal


Holiday Pirates



Website like Busbud and Rome2Rio have made finding ground transportation in off the road destinations much easier by posting fares and route information online that used to be hard to find.

The rise of budget airlines

Now if you want to travel between continents, you have a plethora of budget options, rather than depending on traditional expensive airlines. Budget airlines like Virgin Blue etc. now offers many service on long-haul routes, making it possible for you to bounce around the world from one country to another for little money. For example Norwegian Airlines allows you to fly to Europe and from Bangkok for about $250 each-way. Air Asia X offers deals super cheap deals around Asia and Australia for as little as $100 each way. Indian and Middle Eastern airlines offer cheap flights throughout the subcontinent and Africa.


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