Kelly Speca : Hit the floor to lose weight.

Posted: January 4, 2015 in Beauty, Health, kelly speca

Do you want to get rid of that flabby fat around your waist? Well, excessive exercising, weight training and dieting are the ways recommended by your well-wishers. But, exercising or I must say, excessive exercising will leave you tired for the entire day, plus eating a bland meal every-day will make you quite unhappy. However, in the virtue of shedding weight, you will certainly follow the routine exercises and a boring diet plan. Well, I Kelly Speca, would like to tell you that you would not have to give up your entire routine eating (except for fatty and high-caloric food)and you would not have to follow a hard chore exercising routine to lose those extra pounds. In order to get a flat tummy simply hit the floor. In this article I shall be discussing a few dance forms with you that are opted by millions to get into shape.
• Tango: If you really want a quick and effective weight loss, then I would recommend you too join a Tango class. This dance style is fun and energetic and teaches you an awesome way to control your muscles. Slow and fast body movements involve the activity of every body part, hence exercising the entire body. Every quick and slow motion performed while doing the tango gives a brilliant workout of your waist line, thighs and legs making them toned and strong.
• Belly dancing:If you are looking forward to get a flat and flexible tummy, then belly dancing is something you must give a try. The dance movements included in this form of dance style are very simple. Although the focus is on the movement of your belly, but it also involves gentle motion of arms and hands. You’ll surely get a waistline of your dreams within just a few days of regularly practising belly dancing.Hit the floor to lose weight
• Salsa: This Latin American dance style is one of the most popular weight loss programs and is opted by many who want to lose weight quickly and efficiently. Combia, bomba and merengue are the native Latin dance styles that inspired to form a new dance style-salsa. The basic steps of this dance form are easy to pick and gives a great workout to your entire body. It involves several slow and fast turns that exercises the muscles of your arms and abs and legs, hence giving you a slim and toned waistline.
• Jive: Taking inspiration from the swing dance form, jive is an American ballroom style of dancing that includes fast and energetic body movements. It can be called a lively and quick version of swing and because of this it is adopted as a dance form for an effective loss of weight. You need to lift your knees while performing this form of dancing. Swivelling your mid-section while swinging your arms gives your entire body an effective weight loss.

Unlike routine cardio and other exercises, dancing would not leave you exhausted and tired, but you’ll come out of with a smile and in a relaxed mood even after a vigorous dance session of salsa. So, I Kelly Speca would recommend you to join a dance class of your choice and lose those extra pounds in a fun way.

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