Kelly Speca:Green travelling can help in preserving environment

Posted: December 18, 2014 in travel

Many of us, in fact a lot of us just love to explore new cultures, different environments and the beauty of nature. Undoubtedly, travelling is a great way of analysing our surroundings, but very few of us are aware about the negative impact it can put on Mother Earth. From carbon dioxide emissions to disposing away trash, there are many of such things during travelling that harm the nature directly or indirectly. However, it doesn’t at all mean that you should give up on travelling. On the other hand, you can reduce these negative effects by opting green travelling.

Sleeping in small tree-houses in jungles, eco adventures like canoes downhill or river rafting etc. is just a small part of the green travelling concept. At the crux, it is all about the ways to protect and safeguard the nature and culture of the place you are exploring. Today I, Kelly Speca will tell you a few tips that can help you with travelling green.

Start green from home:

Follow the tips below for starting with an environment friendly travel:

  • Make sure to pack only a few things while travelling as lower the weight on the train, flight or any other transportation mode, lower will be the consumption of fuel. This will lead to a lower CO2 emission in air and hence reducing pollution.
  • Turn off the lights, water heaters, unplug all electrical appliances and minimize the thermostat before leaving home. Not only will you reduce your energy bills, but will also help in minimizing reducing your carbon footprint.
  • To cut down the wastage during travel, make use of reusable shopping bags and water bottles.

Greener mode of travelling:       

Whether travelling via a bus or a train, or a plane, any travelling medium you choose will emit CO2 gas. However, each of them gives out a different amount of greenhouse gas, like buses and trains produce nearly half or the CO2 when compared to planes. Therefore, choosing your travelling means wisely can save the environment from pollution. Follow the tips below to make your mode of travelling green

  • Travel by a bus or train if the journey is shorlt. For a long trip opt for a nonstop coach flight instead of travelling in your car. All this will help to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Take walking tours, wherever possible and explore the surroundings of the place instead of travelling via taxi or bus. It is wise to choose a shared taxi if travelling to far off places in place of renting a car.

Greener stay:

Opt for a greener way of staying in the place you are visiting.

  • Tree-houses or rental log homes are comfortable cheap and eco-friendly option for completing your green trip. However, if none of them are available in a place, you can always look out for a green hotel in the place. You can check for one online.
  • Minimize the energy usage by turning off the electric equipment like TV, heater etc. when not in use.
  • Make use of the re-usable bags while shopping and yes don’t shop for products made with skin or teeth of animals and feathers of birds.

With these few green travelling tips, I Kelly Speca, would be signing off with a hope that you will adopt them for your next trip. If you have some more of them in mind, feel free to share in the comments below.

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