Unique quality beers to consider gifting this holiday season by kelly speca

Posted: December 6, 2014 in General Awareness, kelly speca
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Are you looking for that special something for gifting the guys in your life this Christmas? It is for sure one of the most challenging tasks as you can find a plenty of options over the counter from sports equipment, to gadgets to accessories. How about beer? Yes it is the best thing that you can gift a guy. Opt for a quality booze, gift wrap it and present it to your special someone this Christmas. Not only will he enjoy every sip of it, but will also be thankful to you for making the occasion more memorable and special. I, Kelly Speca have assembled a list of unique quality beers below that you can consider gifting your father, brother, husband boyfriend, of course if price is not an issue.

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·         Tutankhamun Ale

This beer is unique because it is made out of a 3250 year old recipe discovered by Dr. Barry Kemp, an archaeologist of Cambridge. Along with this ancient recipe he also found 10 brewing chambers with a little amount of beer in each of them in Queen Nefertiti’s Royal Brewery, Egypt. Using an electron microscope then somehow managed to complete the recipe. He then collaborated with popularScottish brewer Jim Merrington to brew only 1000 bottles of the Tutankhamun Ale. Initially it was only meant for the rich as it was priced for $7686per bottle, but lucky you as now this ancient booze can be enjoyed for $52 per bottle.

·     BrewDog Sink the Bismarck (Scotland)

If the guy who you want to gift a unique beer enjoys strong booze, then you can consider presenting him with BrewDogSink the Bismark. This booze from Scotland is brewed in a unique and extravagant style, where the Scottish brewery has implemented a new method of creating strong ale by putting in more hops and bitterness (four times more than normal beer) and then freezing it even more. This way they were able to produce the world’s strongest beer with a high price of $80/bottle.

·      Samuel Adams Utopias

Because Utopias from Boston Beer Company, Samuel Adams is the most expensive great quality beer of all others sold in USA, the man getting it as a gift from you would definitely appreciate it more. It comes packed in a fancy copper bottle, in which cognac for the army personnel was contained during WWII. Its antique packaging, great and strong herbal taste and exotic aroma make the boose worth the price of $250 per bottle of 750 ml.

·       Crown Ambassador Reserve Lager (Australia)

This beer is an alternative to fine and pretty expensive wine. Brewed by Crown brewery of Australia, the Ambassador Reserve Lager is produced in a limited stock of 8000 bottles per batch. Nor does its taste and color mimics red wine but it is also contained in a bottle that imitates a wine bottle, which is further packed in a box with velvet casing. The superb taste of nuts and treacle and pleasant smell of toffee and freshly baked cookies and toffee makes this beer worth the price of $90 per 750ml bottle.

·         Sapporo Brewery Space Barley(Japan)

This barley beer from Sapporo Brewery of Japan will make out to be a special gift for a guy, as its main ingredient i.e. barley was grown in space, making the booze world’s first space beer. He would love to drink beer from outer space. With an ABV of 5.5%, the Space Barley is rightly priced for $110 for a pack of six bottles.

These were a few of the best beers that can bring a smile on any man’s face this Christmas. Which one will you be picking? Do let me know.

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