Get Rid Of Oily Skin Fast With Natural Beauty Tips : By Kelly Speca

Posted: October 9, 2014 in Beauty, kelly speca

If You Want to get rid of oily skin then you have to use some natural beauty tips. Clean your oily skin twice a day with rose water or glycerin face wash to remove dust and dirt out of your skin, it will keep your skin clean and fresh all the day.


Remove your makeup before going on bed so that your skin can breath easily.Drink a lot off water for healthy and glowing skin.Eat lots of foods which are vitamins and protein, Eat green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits which are full of iron, calcium and vitamins which can help you to look good.You can eat nuts,vegetables,fruits,whole grains and beans. for preventing oily skin you have to reduce intake of fat, sugar, soft drinks,alcoholic beverages and chocolates

Home Remedies For Oily Skin:

(i) Lemon juice –
Lemon is full of vitamin C Which is very necessary for oily skin.mix lemon juice with water and massage it on your skin slowly and after ten minutes wash off skin with glycerin face wash or soap.

(ii) Apple Face pack for oily skin –
take an apple and Peel an apple & cut it into pieces.gently massage these apple pieces on your face and rinse with cold water after ten minutes, this will make your skin clean and glowing

(ii) Aloe Vera – Effective home made face mask with aloe Vera : wash your face before applying aloe Vera, apply aloe VeraAloe-Vera-Face-pack-for-Sensitive-Skin on your face and leave it for fifteen minutes or until it dry on your skin. After that wash your skin and you will surely feel more fresh and cool.This is the one of the natural way to prevent oily skin.

(iii) Lemon juice, Honey, Milk (A tested home made face mask for oily skin): This is the very old, natural and very effective way to get rid off oily skin.Take half a spoon of honey with few drops of milk and mix a full teaspoon of lemon juice together and make paste. Apply this paste on your face leave it for fifteen minutes den you can rinse with water, you will see flawless effects and glowing skin.

(iv) Aloe Vera Scrub & Oatmeal :
Mix Aloe Vera with oatmeal and make its paste and apply this aloe Vera and oatmeal paste on your skin and let it dry on skin for fifteen minutes after that wash off thoroughly.


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