Amazing Benefits of Green Te: By Kelly Speca

Posted: October 7, 2014 in Beauty, General Awareness, kelly speca

I am a green tea drinker not because of its taste but surely for its amazing benefits.It helps me to keep my weight Green  powder matcha teacheck.Green tea has so many benefits.It has been used as a medicine,It Originating in China but widely used in all over the Asia, because it helps to control the blood pressure to prevent the cancer.Green tea has so many benefits than black tea.
Here is a long list of green tea benifits.
1. Helps to Weight Loss:
Green tea increases metabolism in our body. The presence of polyphony in green tea works to intensify the levels of fat oxidation in our bodies.It is well known for its caffeine.A cup of this tea contains very less caffeine than a cup of coffee, green tea contains 25-40mg caffeine other side coffee contains 100-200mg per cup.

2. Diabetes:
Green tea helps to regulate glucose level in our body and it slowing the rise of blood sugar.Regular use of green tea can prevent high insulin spikes.
3. Heart Disease:
Green tea save us against formation of clots in blood,which is the main reason to cause of heart attacks.It help in lining of the blood vessels in body and it keep them better and stay relaxed.Regular use of it help to control on high blood pressure and it keep our mind fresh and calm.

4. Cancer:
Green tea lower the risk of cancer and it also damage cancer cells without damaging the other healthy tissue around.
EGCG is an very effective and important biological agent of green tea.Green tea slow the growth of cancer cells in our body.

5. Cholesterol.
Green tea reduces bad cholesterol from blood and use of it improves the ratio of good cholesterol to bad cholesterol.A hot cup of green tea relaxes our body,gives our body a warm feeling, provides anti-oxidants, and  can lower the cholesterol level in our body.

6. Skincare:
Green tea is very essential for glowing skin and hairs.stk66826cor

(i)   It adds shine to dull hair.
(ii)  It Soothes sunburns.
(iii) It minimizes bug bites.
(iv)  It reduces puffy eyes and dark circles.
(v)   It tones and moisturizes dry skin.
(vi)  It helps to tan skin

Green tea can also help us to get rid off wrinkles and the signs of aging,  and adds shine and smooth skin.

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