Few things you do Every Day that are Killing You Slowly: By Kelly Speca

Posted: October 1, 2014 in Beauty, General Awareness, kelly speca

1. Drying Hair:
It is very wrong with blow drying your hair though. the extra heat causes the hydrogen bonds in your hairs to deteriorate 14_X2_LongHair_BlowDryingTechniques_xxxlarge

this bonds can makes your hair very week and can cause susceptible to falling out fast.All of you prefer blow dry hairs, just because of it is easier and fast way to dry your hairs.But the fact is using blow dry in routine can cause of bad effects on you, you think it is tough to leave hairs open to dry naturally. But the natural way for drying the hairs is always the best way to dry your hairs.Regular use of blow dry can cause so many side effects on hairs.Regular use of blow dry can cause of damages hair cuticle, when you use blow dry it directly heat your hairs this extra heat on your hairs for drying them can be very dangerous. This kind of damage can be temporary or permanent, it depends on the period of use the blow dry.

2. Go Out Without Sunscreen:
Going out without applying on sunscreen, it is the one of the biggest damage your skin.Sunscreen Not only protect you from the harmful UV rays that cause so many skin problems and disease, sun screen helps your skin looking younger and Sunscreensmooth.Everybody know spending a long time in the sun can increase the risk for premature skin aging or wrinkles and it can also increase the risk of the skin cancer, because these UV rays are very effective and powerful, these rays can leave very bad effect on the skin.there is a very useful impact of the sunscreen, using sunscreen daily could slow your skin aging.

3. Popcorn can damage your teeth:
Popcorns are low in calories but in real they destroy dental very quite essential.while sitting in movie theater or at home,they can easily get stuck into your teeth, This can be cause to infections or other problems, the worst problems can occur like getting teeth chipped and it can also be the reason of the cancer.

4. Skim Milk:


All of us think that milk and the milk products is a great way to get vitamins from milk without increasing fat. but its not so true the fact is that skim milk is not good as full fat milk. Skim milk is not good for anyone’s health because when the fat is removed from the milk the vitamins also removed from the milk, many companies add synthetics which are not good, most of the manufacturers fortify the skim milk, this the worst situation.all of this kind of treatment with milk can increase the risk of the heart attack, so we should use full fat milk instead of artificial milk or skim milk.

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