The Best Travel Tips Ever Discussed :By Kelly Speca

Posted: September 29, 2014 in kelly speca, travel

Practical Travel Tips and Adviceimages By KELLY SPECA

 1. Pack less:

When We think about the clothing less is the best always.Traveling with less luggage should always be your priority.You really do not need six pairs of heels while traveling, you do not need to carry an iron.If You travel with less luggage it will be cheaper (no check-in luggage fees while traveling), by less luggage you can move faster and easily.

 2. Bring an Internet ready device:If You are traveling a long journey, take your electronic devices that can pick up wifi or any wired connection easily, You can carry your smart phone or tablet with you, it can help you to find your way weather it is right or wrong.

3. Roll your clothes when packing: while packing roll your clothes it occupies less space and easy to find.

4.  Don’t carry cash: These days there is no country which do not have ATM, so you really no need to carry large amount of cash with you while traveling.
5.  You should Scan your important documents(Passport, license or an other ID) before leaving from home.
6.  The best way to cover your the bottoms of shoes is pack them in a shower cap.
7.  You can use Google maps even staying of line mode just type “Ok Maps” by this trick visible area will save for your future use.
8.  Carry face wipes with you, by using this you can feel fresh even without shower.
9.  Local Grocery stores are the traveler best source.You can find Cheap food packets, local flavors easily.
10. It’s very good idea to carry a hand sanitizer with you while traveling you can feel clean even when there is less water.
11. Mostly Use public transport for travel from one place to another. because It’s fast and easy, Public transport is cheaper and surely it  will give a better travel experience to that place.

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