Removing Dead Skin Cells: Tips By Kelly Speca

Posted: September 24, 2014 in Beauty, Health, kelly speca

Dead Skin:
Dead skin is always neither comfortable nor attractive,We cannot avoid wrinkles and Dark circles altogether it is a natural part of the aging process,if you have the normal or very sensitive skin, You will still have to exfoliate your skin using a mild scrub or a skin friendly scrub.tight
Apart from   moisturising and cleansing our skin,Everybody need to use the scrub to remove dead skin cells. Even   Exfoliation helps clear out the layer of dead skin cells from your face or other parts of the body and helps you in better blood circulation as well giving younger and attractive looking skin. It is a good and useful practice to scrub your skin and get rid of the dead skin – not just from your face but elbows, knees etc too – at least once in a week you have to repeat this process which will surely remove the dead skin.

* Stand in front of the mirror and View yourself in  mirror. Try to Find which areas of your face or skin  have blackheads and dull. Since many people have combination skin, you may need to concentrate on certain areas of your face more than others.

Hot showers, sun damage,dry climates and heavy soaps can all lead to dead skin cell build up fastly. Try find out if these are the reasons of dry skin for you. You can use sunscreen or switch soaps to try to minimize your dry skin if possible use mild soaps, take shorter warm showers.
Certain medical conditions can make your skin dry and clogged pores. For example diabetes and thyroid problems,Eczema, psoriasis,  can cause dry, itchy skin conditions.Consult with your dermatologist if you suffer from 1 of these problems or have sensitive skin before trying to treat the condition at home.
There are some important and effective ways to get rid of dead skin:

* Make your sugar scrub: When we combined sugar with a liquid, it works as an exfoliant on your skin or body. this natural mixture will slough off dead skin, give the fresh and smooth skin underneath. Sugar scrubs are always safe for use on your skin, its always very safe.

* Use fresh fruits : When you making a home made exfoliating facial mask is very effective. For example you can use banana,  kiwi pineapple,papaya or peach.fruits-face-pack
* Use Clay: You can also use clay for your skin, it can be used for so many skin problems, which is an excellent exfoliating agent and a mixture with distilled water and glycerin can give you very effective results.

*Coffee Seeds:  You can use coffee seeds when mixed seeds withcoffee_bean olive oil, it become a very good exfoliating scrub that can be made at your home and can be applied once in a week.
* Baking soda: You can also use Baking soda, you can mixed it with water, this mixture also works as an wonderful exfoliating agent which can be applied  to the skin or some areas directly which is needed.

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