Best Way To Look Healthy: By Kelly Speca

Posted: September 22, 2014 in Beauty, Health, kelly speca

Vitaminms:                                                                                                                                  vitamins-fruit-shaped-e1361093381721

Vitamin A is The first on our list,it is common vitamin that found in a variety of foods like grains, Vegitables, milk, and mostly fruits. vitamin A helps the skin to repair itself and it also removes wrinkles and the fine lines. Vitamin A helps our body to fights against cancer This vitamin is very helpful for our bodies in diseases caused by the viruses.Eating a variety of healthy foods and vitamins helps keep skin glowing and healthy.In Short vitamins keep our body.  vitamins helps to get glowing skin and gives anti-aging benefits.

Vitamin C:

Vitamin helps the skin repair itself. It also reduces the effects of sun  rays which cause of damage on skin. Vitamin C is found in many fruits and vegetables, the fruits and vegitables contains vtamin c are: tomatoes,broccoli,apples, strawberries and potatoes. For healthy skin and dese those  Every body should consume vitamin c ,daily allowance is between 40mg to 90 mg per day regularly. Assorted fruit
Add some antioxidant-rich foods to your daily diet.The vitamins and minerals help to grow your skin naturally and protects your skin from damage.

Prevent disease with food:
Best red foods:  cherries, red Beans,cranberries,pomegranates,raspberries.

Red pigments contain antioxidants that support your heart healthy, improve your memory function(brain Work Perfectly), these protect your blood cartilage,vessels, ligaments and tendon from damage, and they may reduce the likelihood of cancer by preventing skin tissue degeneration that sometimes follows chronic irritation.these fruits help our skin and body very much in different ways.

Orange fruits and vegetables are high in carotenoids, these fruits have antioxidant and anticancer  properties. these fruits can also improve your heart health and  sight vision.

Forest greens:
In addition, green  and leafy veggies are high in vitamins, minerals and carotenoids that naturally reduce inflammation from your body. Mostly green foods contain Iron and calcium, which helps build blood cells and strong bones and teeth and improves Vision . green-fruit-and-vegetables

Benefits of Grapes & Blueberries:
grapes and blueberries contains calories (104 and 84cal respectively). Grapes and  Blueberries  shares common health benefits for us, thanks to their similar nutrient content. Both grapes and blueberries contains in your diet of beneficial antioxidants and sources of vitamin K.Vitamin K activates enzymes within your cells.Berries are nature’s dessert which is full of full of flavanoids.Anybody can get a big dose of anti-aging nutrients simply by eating  them a half cup everyday298843

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