Home Remedies For Healthy and glowing Skin By Kelly Speca:

Posted: September 17, 2014 in Beauty, General Awareness, Health, kelly speca

You Do not have time for the skin care but you have to take of some important tips to protect your skin by which you can live healthy lifestyle and you can prevent the skin problems by following these steps.the top most health care tips arte as follows by Kelly Speca :

Homemade skin care products are simple and quick to make and easy to use— Keep your kitchen stocked with the essentials to whip up on-the-spot cleansers,masks,scrubs and the lotions without even a trip to the store.for example there are few ingredient like Honey, Sugar, Olive Oil, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables.


It is antibacterial ingredient,honey helps with acne prevention.lemon-honey-face-pack

and acne treatments in a natural and effective way to resolve your skin problems.Honey is a very good moisturizer, it prevent blemishes and irritation and make our skin glowing, It is one of the best ways to clarifies skin by opening up skin pores and unclogging.

 You can also use Honey almond body scrub:

honey almond body scrub is best for skin specially the dry skin, you can eaily prepare this at your home by following some steps:

mix a spoonful of honey with a teaspoon of olive oil and a squeeze of lemon juice . Apply this honey and almond lotion to dry areas and let relaxfor 20 minutes.After that Wipe off it with a warm washcloth.


Brown sugar is a very natural and effective way to buff away dry and dull skin, It polishes your skin and prevent any skin problem which cause of wrinkles and acne.

3.Olive Oil:

Olive oil is rich in vitamins A and E,which helps prolong youth,maintain skin’s elasticity, hydrates your skin and maintain the softness of the skin.it helps your skin cells to regenerate, you can use olive oil in your bath tub.Olivas this amazing beauty secret will make your skin very smooth and soft.you can use olive oil as your natural makeup remover, removes makeup and nourishes your skin.

4.Fresh Fruits and vegetables:

the health benefits of fresh fruits is very well known to everybody. Everybody also know that most of the vitamins and the nutrients in fruits lie in their skin and pulp, and they are very useful to the body.there are so many beauty related fruits and the vegetables some of them are as follow:

    (i)Strawberry Drawing Facial Mask:

1/2 cup fresh strawberries
1 tablespoon fresh milk
1 tablespoon rice flour

Mix all these ingredients together  to make a smooth paste. Spread or apply  this paste over your face and neck, and leave it on for 20-25 minutes. Rinse with Luke warm water.Try this twice weekly for wonderful results.

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