Kelly Speca Providing Some Effective Tips To PRotect Your Home:

Posted: September 8, 2014 in Beauty, General Awareness, Health, kelly speca

Today its very hard How To Protect Your Home from crime, crime is increasing with very fast rate, mostly the theft and burglary cases are are so common scene anytime everywhere. So its very necessary to be careful to protect your homes from thethefts. If you choose to be careful and adopt the essential safety measures, then they will definitely help you in  the safety and security of your home. Kelly Speca providing few tips of safety, as follows:

1.Never forget to lock your Home:
2.Never leave a Message
3.Be careful about doubtful movements:
4.Install superior quality systems :
5.Do not put  unnecessary cash and jewelery at home:


Never forget to lock your Home :
Always lock the doors and windows properly whenever you or your family leave the house, because in most of cases, find that the doors and windows were not properly locked by the peopls. It will make difficult to robbers to break them otherwise it will be an easy entry for theif. So always lock the house properly before leaving the house.

Never leave a Message:
It is a very common and regular mistake made by the people when they leave their house, they left message. Instead of leaving a message in a chit of paper on front of door or window. It will be an open invitation to Rob your house.

Always Be careful about suspicious peoples and the movements :-
When you notice suspicious activities  around you then you should report about it immediately to the police and take some nesessary actions.

Install superior security systems :- Install superior secirity systems at your house. Superior Alarms are always effective defense for thieves.

Avoid cash and jewelery in your home:-
Keep your jewelery  and cash in a strong safe like banks or other security places, hidden from your servants, security guards, if possible then  keep very limited cash in your house. Always use best quality safe in your home.

0000000000Avoid the word of mouth :-
If you, along with your whole family visit somewhere  to spend your holidays or some hill station, then don’t spread this news around . Don’t let your neighbors or anybody.this can spread the news that you  and your family members are not in home for  few days.

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