General Awarnesss by Kelly Speca:

Posted: August 28, 2014 in General Awareness, kelly speca

kelly speca discussing about the increasing crime in our society, its very sad.
Crime is a serious issue in the United States and people need to work to help prevent it. I chose this topic because crime is something that goes on everywhere in evry country evry city, could happen at anytime anywhere, and it is a serious problem of our society.


A fall out of faulty education , unemployment or values “When money is lost, nothing is lost .When education is lost , something is lost .When character is lost ,everything is lost.” Ultimately ,lack of ethical values  are the doorways to the crimes happening everywhere in the world.
there are so many reasons for the increasing crime in our society one of them is Unemployment.
Among the various socioeconomic problems, which so many countries are facing today, this problem is one of the most serious problem, In Such kind of condition of a person, who want to work but unable to find a paying job. There are various problems in our society that are responsible for unemployment…

there are so many peoples who don’t work, because they don’t want to work, they want just to sit home and wait for the support. To decrease the crime, the government should manage the level of unemployment, control the unemployment by this the crime will reduce.

Government can control over this serious problem by increasing the number of workplaces by building new factories and other commercial facilities is a  very good way to rise employment and it will result in decreasing of crime rate and the economicaly we will be more stronger.Increasing Population is also a big problem we need to control over it, government should take some effective steps.

Crime can be decreased if we all citizens follow the rules and support the laws.And the parents should provide good education to their childrens,and help them to make a good citizen, teach them to obey the rules and enhance their moral intelligence.

poverty (it shows the way of crime for make fast money),poverty is also a big reason for the increasing crime in our society. Poverty force peoples into crime world whether they want or not, they have to do this for their families.Government should take some effective steps to decrease the poverty in our society. and help the poor children in their education and in their daily needs.


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