General Awarnesss By Kelly Speca…

Posted: August 21, 2014 in General Awareness, kelly speca

Few things which can help us to improve the health of the planet:

If you are concerned about the health of our planet, and want to do something to save our planet? It’s hard to know where to start Because of global warming and endangered animals and dying oceans.but there are actually many ways you can help. But there are so many actions by them u can surely help to save our planet.Some of these actions are as follows:You can change your personal habits which are not Eco friendly.


Conserve water at home: Do Note waste water, If you live in an area where is water shortage,then it is more important for the health of your region’s environment. Try to check off as many items as possible from this list: *Check and fix any water leaks,it can save so much water

*Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth – By this we can save

six liters of water per minute.

2. Use fewer chemicals: Do not use pesticides and herbicides,try to use natural resources as much as u can.

3. Dispose of toxic waste the right way:

We should not poured down the paint, motor oil,ammonia and other chemical into the grass.

4. Reducing electricity use:1

Do not waste electricity.There are the most common sources of energy that gets turned into electricity for example coal and the natural gas.

* Use solar power for home and water heating.


*After use shut off all electrical equipments.

*Switch off all unneeded lights or fans after leaving room.

5. Help identify water polluters:

*Help clean up beaches or riverbanks.

*Clean up the water in your area whether kind of water it is.

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