Kelly Speca | Low Cost Destinations With Great Wheather To Travel

Posted: June 18, 2014 in travel


Mexico City, Mexico

Here’s location that get a huge rainfall during June, its altitude keeps temperatures in Mexico City much lower than people would think about for this particular time of year. Kelly speca Says about low cost destinations This is a great place for all those people who cannot afford a trip to Europe. This as an interesting alternative for those people. Cheap flights from the US and Canada, the city center area is beautiful in many places, as well as prices are very low as compared to anywhere else.


Sofia, Bulgaria

Travelers looking for places to relax for a while and keep their expenses low on a European trip can’t do much better than Sofia, Bulgaria in June or Summer. The weather is pleasant throught the day as well as in th night, and rain isn’t a problem at all. As a tourist destination this city is still has some good work to do and to convince most people, and it low prices are a good start for people to start noticing.


Nha Trang, Vietnam

Nha Trang, Vietnam is a beach town on Vietnam’s southern coast that avoids approximately all the wet during summer, so it’s exclusively engaging for Australians and for who are escaping their own winter down. According to Kelly speca This is the Vietnam’s best cultural experience, but the beaches surrounding Vietnam are very nice and the nightlife in the Vietnam is surprisingly good, and it’s extremely low calculation you get there.



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