Kelly Speca : A Trip For Karella

Posted: May 7, 2014 in travel
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Kelly Speca told India is pretty damn big (it is the7th biggest country, after all), and after a few hours of pretty sad-looking scenery over the Deccan plateau, the plane got to south of India and the scenery changes drastically.

PALM TREES!!!! All you need to describe Kerala: A lush and green. Palm trees everywhere in kerala. Palm trees as far as the eye you can see.


While landing, it appeared that the landing strip was just a clearing among the palm trees – everything else was just a sea of green, melting into the sea of blue wherever Kerala runs into the arabian sea.

Getting out of the plane was magical – Kelly Speca was transported from dusty cold Delhi to very magical warm Kerala, with all the palm trees all around and air that was actually fresh and clean. I like very much Kerala.


Kelly Speca was later told that because of all the coconut palm trees in Kerala , there is actually a very high percentage of people in the South who become paraplegic from coconuts falling on them than from traffic accidents. Not sure if it is true or how good of a thing it is, but I am very glad Newton didn’t live in Kerala.

The weather was very awesome and the area was full of colors. It was littler drizzling and Cloudy and chilly. Everybody in kerala was enjoying the nature beauty . We have clicked pictures of flowers and us. As we were not ready for the rains we wore chappals and slipped quiet a few times and I got dirty in mud; but i enjoyed it.


We are not really ones for the cultural shows that you regularly find in travel place. Generally they are a representation of the actual song or traditions dancing of a community in Kerala , overpriced and leave you feeling a little bit missing. This was certainly the case in Waitangi doing the Haka with some talented actors. Sometimes though, there are really surprises and this Kathakali performance proved the exception to the rule of naff cultural shows.

The training and dedication really did show in the performance. The stage was tiny and we were an audience of about 80 people but the spectacle was neither non-professional nor small. If you are in Kerala see out one of these performances, take out some local recommendations as to it is authenticity and enjoy two hours of colorful makeup, costumes, sounds and feel a little bit of Keralan cultural traditions.

  1. kellyspeca says:

    After visit to India, i had a experience of colorful life. I think its only the place in world where we find such versetality in each mile.

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