Kelly Speca : A Trip For Goa

Posted: May 2, 2014 in kelly speca, travel
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Last weekend, Kelly Speca had an wonderful trip with my friends and colleagues and this is my longest trip too.I was really excited so much that three day trip is planned to Goa. Everyone is allowed to bring their family and friends,relative.I brought my friends and more over they are very much older in the trip.When we planned to go for the trip,I had so many questions about that.I was very afraid whether my friends will be able to get along with my colleagues or not?What if our parents not allow to go to goa?What if it continuously rains in two days?


Kelly Speca  liked the Candolim beach out of other beaches we visited even though it was heavily raining and the tides were more that day.There were no other persons other than our team.It was extremely wonderful visiting the beach early in the morning. When I was there, Goa had many palm trees, plenty of beaches and more than plenty of tourists place. Most Popular beaches like Calangute and Baga had more people than sand. It is a good idea to avoid Goa on such occasions unless of course you put up in secluded resorts.


The next morning Kelly Speca walked the Varca beach and opted for a Dolphin sighting cruise. The 30 minute ride costs Rs 450 per head. Add another Rs 900 to include a ride on the jet scooter and 10 minutes of para sailing. At the time of writing USD fetched about INR 50. These types of packages are available on almost all the beaches. Of course, there won’t be rate card. Negotiate.



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